Mission Statement

Our Mission is simple. It is to provide the best possible service for our clients whilst maintaining superior unwavering standards of fairness, justice and integrity in all our dealings in both business and beyond. It is to make a change for the better within the world in which we all live.

This encompasses more than just being seen to do the right thing it means actually doing the right thing. This means doing the right thing by our clients, our employees, our contractors, our community and within the world.

This mission also means going beyond being just a good coorperate citizen. It means proactively doing things to help make the world a better place. It means doing things that go beyond the expected scope of our company. It means doing things that will help make a difference in this world.

Going Beyond Business

Part of our core beliefs are to make a change for the better within the world in which we all live. At Moonstream these are not just words. We support projects that make a difference in both practical and monetary terms. We believe in going beyond Moonstream and reaching out beyond mere company profits.

We support various organisations that contribute much to our communities and the world. Links to these organisations are below. Please explore these and if what they do hits home then please support them, contribute, and give back.

We often support projects in areas and communities where we have worked and benefited. We also often support communities where we have no presence. Projects include:

* Cambodia/Laos – Mekong Education Project
* Timor Leste – Food and Nutrition
* South Africa – Aids Awareness
* Papua New Guinea – Water