TABS® is a complete solution for managing your people logistics. Moonstream Whether you are an operator managing multiple clients to multiple sites, or an operation concerned with managing your bookings and knowing where your people are then TABS® is the system to meet your needs.

The ability to fully analyse and react to change instantly is a must. TABS® with its real time information and powerful features gives you the ability to do this. Written with an emphasis on doing it once, all the information flows through to where it is needed, travel and accommodation and even rosters months in advance all arranged in one action. Combined with an ability to perform ad-hoc and one of items with ease TABS® is a complete solution.

The Benefits from installing TABS® are many:
• Simplified streamlined processes / reduced paperwork / reduced overheads
• Improved logistics and facility management
• Better utilization of travel assets (i.e. aircraft, buses etc)
• Gives the traveller tools to manage their own travel rather than relying on email and phone calls.
• Frees up administrators from mundane tasks so they can concentrate on higher level value add tasks
• Single system for managing and reporting
• Improved planning and forecasting
• Improved accounting.

Please have a look at our TABS® Flyer or Contact Moonstream for more information.