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The TABS Mobile App is designed to display all travel related information for a traveller including flights, accommodation and other information as managed within an individual TABS Install, once the TABS user is registered.


To registration process can be done one of two ways.

Your TABS administrator can register you and give you the appropriate sign in details, including Environment Id, User Id and Password.

You can register from within the application.  To register you need:

·         Environment ID.  This will be provided by your Administrator.

·         Your mobile phone number to be associated with your profile in TABS.  This would normally be done as part of the standard on-boarding process.

·         You mobile phone handy.  As part of the registration process you will receive a verification code on your phone.  This is required even if not installing the application on your phone.

Application Functionality

When the Application is first brought up you will see your travel, accommodation etc directly related to yourself in summary mode.  From here there are several actions that can happen:

·         A downward swipe at the top of the data will refresh the data

·         An upward swipe at the end of the data will retrieve more records.

·         A tap on the calendar will enable you to select  a date from to look at your travel records from

·         A tap on any data will give you a detail view of the day tapped.

From this detailed view you can see additional details in a more complete format.  From here can swipe left and right to go to previous and next day’s data.

The profile view displays basic details of your profile.