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Consulting Services

Moonstream Information Services provides Information Technology Services primarily in the Applications area. We have a team of dedicated professionals that are fully aware of the responsibilities in being a service provider of the highest quality. We offer a full range of services and have proven skills in:
– Project Management
– Business Analysis
– Systems Analysis and Design
– System Development
– Applications Support

Applications Development is an area in which Moonstream excels. We have thorough and complete approach to designing systems so that they are flexible to grow and change as the technology does. We believe in trying to maintain an object based architecture as much as possible so that components can be reused and modified. This translates into systems that are faster to develop and easier to maintain.

We utilise a variety of tools to get the job done and offer expertise in a wide range of differing tools.

Customer and Product Support

The Moonstream TABS® product is where our emphasis on product and customer support is focused. We provide tools and knowledge customers need to get the most out of the TABS® product. This requires a deep understanding of the technologies and the user experience. Our support personnel have these necessary skills to ensure our clients get the most out of the product.

We also provide support in other often unrelated areas. This comes about due to the trust our clients have in us. We have even ended up providing support for a whole suite of in-house applications.

Small Business NFPs

As part of our beyond business ethos we provide support to small business NFPs (Not for Profits) on a consultative/strategic basis on their IT infrastructure and configuration. We also on occasion assist with website design and development. This is either done pro-bono or at greatly reduced rates.

This can be on a consultative or on an on-going basis basis. Sometimes a single consultation is all that is required to get their IT infrastructure headed in the right direction. Other times the relationship becomes on-going.