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What is TABS?

TABS® is a complete solution for managing your people logistics. Whether you are or an operation concerned with managing travel (FIFO, DIDO etc), accommodation, rosters and knowing where your people are or an operator managing multiple clients to multiple sites, then TABS® is the system to meet your needs.

The ability to fully analyse and react to change instantly is a must. TABS® with its real time information and powerful features gives you the ability to do this. Written with an emphasis on doing it once, all the information flows through to where it is needed, travel and accommodation and even rosters months in advance all arranged in one action. Combined with an ability to perform ad-hoc and one-off travel/accommodation with ease TABS® is a complete solution.

Complete Personnel

Covers all aspects of personnel logistics including all types of travel, accommodation, rostering, and persons on board. Our complete solution has all 4 aspects tightly integrated and all continually checking and validating against each other to ensure your information is of the highest and most accurate quality possible.

Rostering made

Fully configurable rostering, allows any level of roster complexity, includes all types of travel with the ability to specify particular flights or movements. All information fully integrates into accommodation. Our rostering hides the complexity in the initial configuration making it simple and intuitive to use unlike others.


Keeping People Informed
at all levels

Travellers have access to Apple and Android mobile applications that keep them informed on all aspects of their travel. Furthermore, optional SMS and Email Notifications ensure your travellers always know what’s happening. Management and Administrators have access to suites of reports that can be automated, informing them of both details and exceptions.

TABS Benefits

The Benefits from installing TABS® are many:
• Simplified streamlined processes
• Reduced paperwork / reduced overheads
• Improved logistics and facility management
• Better utilization of travel assets (i.e. aircraft, buses etc)
• Gives the traveller tools to manage their own travel
• Reduces/removes reliance on email and phone calls
• Frees up administrators from mundane tasks
• Allows Admins to concentrate on higher level value add tasks
• Single system for managing and reporting
• Improved planning and forecasting
• Improved accounting

Value Proposition

TABS® is a complete solution for managing your people logistics. It manages Travel, Accommodation, Rostering, Persons on Board / People tracking. It integrates with numerous systems and with its unique Minimum Code Application Program Interface (API) integration , customised APIs can be set up very quickly. TABS is straight forward to use and works for all levels of the business from travellers, to administrators, to management.

Moonstream support TABS®. Our support record is unsurpassed, just talk to any of our clients. We have a deep understanding of the business, the technologies and the user experience, so we ensure our clients get the most out of the TABS®.

With TABS® and the expertise and responsiveness of Moonstream, we have a combination we believe offers a significant benefit to our clients.