Moonstream Info Services provides Information Technology Services primarily in the Applications area. We have a team of dedicated professionals that are fully aware of the responsibilities in being a service provider of the highest quality. We offer a full range of services and have proven skills in:

  • Project Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Systems Analysis and Design
  • System Development
  • Applications Support

Applications Development includes all of the above areas and is an area Moonstream excels in. We have thorough and complete approach, designing systems so that they are flexible to grow and change as the technology does. We believe in trying to maintain a object based architecture as much as possible so that components can be reused and modified. This translates into systems that are faster to develop and easier to maintain.

We utilise a variety of tools to get the job done and offer expertise in a wide variety of differing tools. We have readily available expertise in:

  • Web Development Tools – .Net, ASP, Com, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, VBScript
  • Client Server Technologies – .Net, Powerbuilder, VB
  • Reporting Tools – Business Objects, Cognos Immpromptu, CoreView
  • 3GL Languages – Fortran, Powerhouse